Friday, November 27, 2015

Going forward!

Evolution is the name of the game. Is it a question of being more materialistic with science and futuristic toys or should it be a spiritual matter? The answer is in ourselves in what we individually think that is the most profitable. What can we gain personally? And is sharing ourselves or our material possessions a gain for each one of us toward evolution?

We all need help; not knowing so is being blind to the truth. Even the rich are often stumbling into incomprehensible voids. The fact of the matter is that love supports everything and if we drift apart from it, we are setting ourselves up for drastic consequences.

We must look for the light, and as I write, I pray God for guidance. Now, I am mostly copying what I have already written in French some years ago. I find my French writings sometimes awkward to reach the better meaning to be shared; still I am translating what message I wanted to transcribe. I am still learning the good sense that God holds for us. I understand that it is all a matter of love and striving to evolve in the matter, but lessons are always to be communicated, first to be learned, appreciated, and shared. We are all sinners and I believe that knowing so is part of God’s grace. We can put aside our arrogance or false pride, selfishness, and think of constructing truly what is universal toward sharing life.

I am hoping for inspiration to translate what I believe to be God’s intention which is to bring us all to a higher level and ultimately that is solidarity through charity. Of course we are all sinners and I am always looking for redemption when I acknowledge my faults; sometimes, I feel God’s love when I don’t deserve much consideration, but God is there to help us all. Knowing that I am so pitiful and small with many of my actions and reactions and yet I understand through Jesus Christ that I always have a helping hand where love makes everyone beautiful.

I have seen myself accusing him or denying him, that is how low I can be and how great and merciful Jesus is by forgiving our worst fear and rebellion.

Jesus is, my lord, my savior, my God and my best friend. How is it possible to bite the hand that feeds us? Yet it is happening again and again; some people can get mad at their love one for senseless reasons like because they died, then they may turn to god in the wrong way; some people are bad mouths and swear, some people can be very outrageous and then hate themselves and have no other choice than to cry and hope in God’s bosom.

So many people think they have no wrong and that they are justified in what they do, but how can anybody be right about everything? It makes me think how atheists are so pretentious. The Bible is an accumulation of facts pertaining to the coming of Christ. It is wisdom through the ages that still transpires today.

I believe that love is our only mean to survive, to survive as brothers and sisters in a cosmopolitan way and to survive through all earthly obstacles, and then we may hope, by the hand of God, to survive death.

God is love, (1 John 4, 16), the father loves his children that bring peace (Mathew 5, 9). The father is spirit (John 4, 24) and we are made to his image (Genesis 1, 27) Jesus is himself God ( John 1,1) so God made himself human and proved is fidelity and saved all human kind by the example of Christ.

Mankind is often pretentious in believing his success is self maid. Like for the construction of the Babel tower, some think of themselves as kings and are not perceiving Gods words, so the results of their pride and selfishness is dispersion and anarchy before God.

On the better hand God gives the gift of faith to the humble. I believe that Gods intention is that his human creation evolves in Jesus Christ.

From the same post of my French blog, I have much to ad. It will come later as I am intellectually slowing down, so it feels. My body is aging rapidly with osteoarthritis of the hip and my energy is spent largely at my manual work as a painter. But hope is what remains when we have Christ. All deadly sins can be pardon because God, by his son, overcame death for us all . God’s work is that we believe in Jesus Christ, the one he as sent. John 6, 29