Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I am christian and I see myself wanting  to preach and make peace between a crowd of muslims and a crowd of christians protesting as I saw them in England on youtube. I do believe that we have to preach by example, so far, europeans are admirable, yet, I wonder about the motivation and hope for understanding between everyone.

The koran is very honorable with the Salat. The koran recalls books from the old testament or the Thora where God showed he existed with great might. The koran reinforces the belief in a unique God, and that is what christian believe  also, faith in a unique God. In the old testament, it is declared that the beginning of wisdom starts with the fear of God, and that is where are the muslims today, in the beginning. Now, it took centuries to come to a turning point, but God, as we all know, can act in an instant. The turning point for muslims is to understand that love is what it’s all about. Love is what it all boils down to.

The difference between muslims and christians, is that we christians believe in Jesus Christ. I believe that love is what it all boils down to. A unique love where the kingdom of heaven came down to earth. I believe that having true love is what is necessary to reach God. For me, an ultimate sacrifice by true love is what God would consider in haven. Let’s say a person of whatever faith, for love sake, would give his or her life to save someone, let’s say that person saves a stranger, may it be anywhere, in a jungle, a forest, a desert or a crowded city, a person steps in front of a wild animal or an oncoming vehicle to save another person, and love is the only motivation, and to save a complete stranger...What are the odds of that happening? It would be kind of unique. Yet I think it happens somewhere,  in our space and time, and that it is not known to anybody but God. I do believe that that person will be in heaven…The bible tells us, with the new testament, that God is spirit and that we should adore him in spirit, and that God is love. Jesus Christ said: No one goes to the father but by the son. That is because Jesus christ is true love. And yes he is the savior by example, by teaching and that is a fact.

The difference between muslims and christians is the belief in Jesus Christ, and by all means the Saint Trinity. The Saint Trinity is God on earth as evident as the old testament with God’s intervention. The trinity once explain is nothing else but true fact. 1 john 5, 5-8 is the resume. Some bible are a bit easy going with transcription or translation, still it is written to be explained: The spirit is the truth, the historical truth that liberates, the water is the baptism by John the baptist which gives us a sacrament to celebrate, the blood is the implication by the father where the Christ is known as the lamb. And the verse starts in a way that implicates and association. Now, if one desires and association of facts, so be it. Still the sacrament of baptism is asked to be performed in one association: The Father, the Son and the holy Ghost, where God becomes personal with fathehood. Also, I must recall that God acknowledged Jesus as His son when Jesus was baptised in water.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with You!